4. Process of “Exhale Stool” using Arduino & CNC 

  5. "Exhale stool" will illuminate as you sit on.

  6. Presenting “Tough Love” - the Millwall brick with good intentions-

  7. Intervention/Interaction, taught by Sigi Moeslinger and Masamichi Udagawa of Antenna Design, explores how artifacts in a public space can change behavior by soliciting or enabling interaction. Challenged to design a public intervention, students Damon Ahola, Rona Binay, Richard Clarkson and Cassandra Michel devised Pedal for Change, an installation that entices New York City subway riders to stop, sit and pedal while waiting for their train.

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  8. Brilliantly done.


  9. Futura Typeface


    Personally, my interest in typefaces tend to shift on modern ones and Futura is one of the best representatives of the era. Futura is designed in 1927 by Bauhaus-influenced German typographer Paul Renner. It derived from simple geometric shapes as nearly perfect circles, triangles and rectangles, which are low contrast in stroke weights. It gives pleasure to the 2D platform where it’s placed and satisfies the reader. The typeface has gone to the moon as NASA used it in the plaque which is left by Apollo 11 astronauts 40 years ago, David Lynch used it in his film 2001: A Space Odyssey and there is no doubt that it is one of Wes Anderson’s favorites too! Who wouldn’t be loved and supported by all these geniuses? 

  10. Massimo Vignelli - New York subway guide, 1976

    I have always been a fan of maps. I enjoy the way how a graphical representation show the skeleton and working system of a city. Also the graphical design of the map has a huge impact as in its usefulness.

    When I look at Vignelli’s map, I see nothing but subway system itself. And that is what l need from a subway map. I would want to know how I can get from point A to point B. I love the colors used in this minimalist map. I love especially that the water around is not blue, which make the lines pop-out more. The lines are crisp and sharp but soft at the same time. The black dots representing the stops are cleverly put with the names and create a pattern in the map as a whole. No dot no stop.